--- The many and varied benefits of essential oils in your daily life ---

Back on The Move stocks a range of essential oils.  The essential oils that suit your specific concerns are carefully blended with Almond oil to improve your massage therapy treatment. Here are the benefits of each of the oils that we use at Back on The Move.

Heals wounds and infections • Antispasmodic • Aids toxin removal and cleanses the liver • Promotes blood clotting • Eliminates respiratory conditions • Relieves anxiety • Treat arthritis, reduce pain
Expectorant and helps to cleanse your body of toxins • Hair nourishment • Excellent for removing grease and grime from your hands • Effective way of treating sinuses • Wound treatment-antimicrobial and antiseptic • Stimulates the immune system
Balances hormones • Relieves stress • Reduces depression, anxiety and anger •  Minimizes inflammation • Improves circulation •     Lowers blood pressure • Fights infection and helps heal cuts, wounds and fades the appearance of scars • Natural deodorant & diuretic • Analgesic, when applied to the skin
Eases nausea and promotes healthy digestion • Warming, thus excellent for easing joint ache and reducing inflammation • Aids respiratory concerns • Strengthens heart health • Anti-Oxidant • Relieves anxiety • Improves liver function • Oil of empowerment • Creates an inner fire and strength
Boosts metabolism • Antibacterial, fights mould growth • Stress buster • Fights urinary tract infections • Gallbladder and liver stimulant • Reduces craving and sluggishness • Air freshner • Circulation booster • Dilates blood vessels
Improves moods and activates Beta-brainwaves • Relieves depression and anxiety • Increases alertness • Natural sedative • Decreases symptoms of menopause • Boosts concentration •  Antiseptic
Improves sleep and treats insomnia • Heals and burns and wounds • Improves eczema • Alleviates headaches • Reduces emotional anxiety, stress and supports the brain • Slows down aging • Balances blood sugar
Deoderiser • Antiseptic and astringent properties • Relieves anxiety, irritability and insomnia • Improves quality and duration of sleep • Muscle relaxer, increase blood circulation and thus reduces muscle spasms • Detoxifying • Great stomach distress • Relieves headaches, by reducing pin and pressure of them • Reduces fever and supports your immune system
Antidepressant, it helps to increase serotonin and dopamine release • Reduces inflammation • Has a tonic effect on the digestive system • Helps to prevent infections • Minimises scars • Helps to reduce insomnia • Helps to fight fever, reduces the inflammation and kills infection • Natural diuretic • Detoxification agent
Supports healthy digestion • Supports healthy respiratory • Decreases nervous tension and fatigue • Boosts mental activity • Boosts immune system • Decreases stress and cures headaches • Stimulates blood circulation and relieves pain • Increases mental clarity • Opens the conscious mind
Uplifting, effective for the use of depression and anxiety • Treats skin conditions • Stimulates immune function • Slows down the epidermal aging process • Promotes internal homeostasis • Brings about balance and harmony • Antispasmodic
Mental Clarity - Memory booster • Relaxing and calming • Natural aphrodisiac • Astringent • Anti-Inflammatory • Anti-viral and antiseptic • Expectorant • Hypotensive • Anti-aging • Anti-spasmodic
Mood enhancer-fights depression, stress and mental exhaustion • Inspires a sharpness of mind • Supports a healthy respiratory function
Anti-oxidant, stimulates repair and neutralises free radicle activity • Anti-carcinogenic, assists to curb the growth of cancer cells • Febrifuge • Anti-depressant • Sedative, soothes inflammation and hyperactivity of nerves • Relaxing , calming effect on the brain, relieves anxiety
Fights depression • Induces a relaxed feeling • Lowers blood pressure • Strengthens nervous system • Sedative, thus providing relief from anxiety and stress • Increases blood flow • Mood enhancer • Natural remedy for the endocrine, cardiovascular and reproductive systems